Properly insulated attic versus high utility bills!

I often wonder how an insulation contractor can “forget” to insulate a whole wall in an attic.  I wonder because several times a year I find one, like today.  The house was built 13 years ago.

Have you had your attic inspected to ensure it was properly insulated.

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The first picture shows the insulation installed backwards with the flammable vapor barrier exposed which is not only a fire hazard but can trap moisture in the insulation degrading it’s ability to properly insulate.  The insulation also doesn’t fully cover the wall, see the gray drywall at the bottom. The second picture shows the opposite end of the vaulted ceiling area (the side furthest away, and not visible from, the attic hatch with not a stitch of insulation.  Some duct and flue chases also weren’t properly insulated.

I wonder how much this owner could have saved in utility bills had his attic been properly insulated?