Kentucky homeowner electricians

This Lexington, KY homeowner decided he was an electrician and set out to prove he wasn’t.  He succeeded.


Added Sub Panel

He needed just a little more juice so he added a sub panel below the original panel.

Added Sub Panel Lexington KY Home Inspectors

Here’s a view of the sub panel.  Notice the neutral and ground wires on the same bus bar in the sub panel.  Proper bonding and grounding is a problem issue for a lot of people.P

Added Sub Panel Lexington KY Home Inspections

No strain relief clamps or bushings to protect the wires from the sharp edge of the box.

Electrical Junction Box - Lexington KY Home Inspections

Cover plates on Junction Boxes?  Who needs them.

Homeowners can (and do) perform a lot of work themselves.  But, especially with electrical, they either need to make sure they really understand the whole concept or hire a professional electrician.

Electricity can kill you or burn your house down.

Know what you’re doing or hire a real electrician.