Customer Experience!

Reviews like this are what I strive for with every inspection.
We had to do two inspections because the first seller suddenly decided he didn’t want to sell his house after all.

Erby is absolutely wonderful! Not only was his inspection extremely thorough (even impressed the girlfriend’s dad) but his customer experience was outstanding.

Being in the customer service industry myself, i know what “going above and beyond” means. Erby was not only prompt and punctual but really did everything his website said. This includes going over every nook and cranny of the house and welcoming on his inspection. Throughout, he treated me like i was his son and made sure that i was not taken advantage of by teaching me what he was looking for, allowing me to retain some of this knowledge and making the price well worth it.

He is also very up to date on the technology which included 360 shots of each room which allowed us to go and look at the house after the fact (super nice since you only get a few minutes in the house before closing).

All in all, Erby was phenomenal to the point where we had him do our second inspection and I now recommend him to everyone who ask. Thank you so much Erby for making this stressful process as stressless as possible!
Thank you Wesley. I appreciate the time you took to write the review!