Buying a House – Is Your Private Information Safe?

I thought all y’all would be interested in learning how some of those low-cost Kentucky home inspectors offering free warranties, free this, and free that are compensating for the lack of income from the inspection.

Remember I recently told you about Porch, Home Advisor, etc.  Guess where they’re getting some of their information from.

James Bushart, a public insurance adjuster in Missouri, explains it very well in his blog.

Rest assured, B4U Close Home Inspections does NOT sell your information to third parties.  I do not even discuss the inspection or the results with anyone without your permission.


For Sale – The Privacy of Home Buyers in the USA and Canada

Most home shoppers who see a “For Sale” sign in the front yard of a home they are considering to purchase are not aware that more than just the house is being sold. In some cases, their own privacy and personal information is on the market the moment that they begin the buying process — whether they end up buying the home or not.

Buyers considering the purchase of a new home will often hire a home inspector to examine the home for them and report its condition. If you are considering the purchase of a new home and are looking to hire a home inspector, consider the inspector’s commitment to your privacy in addition to his other qualifications.

There are home inspectors who will offer lower fees to their clients as an incentive to hire them — and then sell private information about the home buyer (or the home) to third parties willing to pay them for this information, to make up for the lower fee.

Usually, the home buyer is unaware that the home inspector is gaining from the sale of his private information. Nor is the home buyer aware as to whom or how many third parties their private information is being provided to.

If your home inspector is offering a variety of “free” add-on services in addition to his report of the condition of your home, chances are good that you’re [sic] private information (and information about your home) is being provided to an unnamed third-party.

Read Mr. Bushart’s full article at this link.

For Sale – The Privacy of Home Buyers in the USA and Canada