Mouse House

No one likes to think of mice or rats being in the house.  (Well, except those rat loving friends of mine.  They love their little pets but that’s a different breed of rodent.)

It can be a little disconcerting when opening electrical panels and finding live mice inside.  Not quite so disconcerting is the one that’s been there for awhile, such as the one in the picture below.

That’s one of several reasons the openings in the electrical panels are supposed to be covered.

Mouse in Electrical Panel at Kentucky Home Inspection


It doesn’t bother me quite so much when they are in the propane tank lid outside!

Mouse in Propane Tank Lid at Kentucky Home Inspection

Cracked Crap Pipe!

You know what a crack pipe is.  You know what a crap pipe is.

Ever seen a cracked crap pipe?


Crap Pipe

Yeah, I think it’s time to replace the crap pipe!

Frozen Faucet

Not everybody remembers to take their hose off the exterior faucets before winter sets in. I found this during a home inspection in Lexington, KY. Did you prepare YOUR house yet? I’d bet the plumber will charge a couple of hundred bucks to come out and fix the cracked pipe in the crawl space of…