Radon Testing


I recommend that you contact:

Kenny McLaughlin
Radon Solutions of Kentucky, Inc.
1419 Beaufort Drive
Lexington, KY 40517-3411

Local: (859) 272-5300
Toll Free: 1-888-861-5300
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Buying a HUD/FHA home. View the HUD form (on the HUD website) that you must sign agreeing to be responsible for the cost of radon testing AND radon mitigation. They encourage you to do the testing because they know it’s a serious issue, but YOU must pay for it.

HUD Radon Gas and Mold Notice and Release Agreement Form

Don’t give up your dreams

Properly mitigated, a high radon level IS NOT a reason to give up your dreams of owning that home. Remember how much you like the kitchen, adore the master bathroom, the scenic view, or the convenient location. Negotiate an easy home improvement – the installation of a radon mitigation system. (See Radon Mitigation System below)

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 21,000 people a year die of radon induced lung cancer. That’s 57 people every day. The Consumer Federation of America, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other scientific and government agencies, strongly recommends that ALL Home Buyers test for the presence of elevated levels of radon gas. (Click on the EPA’s Kentucky Radon Zone Map at the bottom of the page for extensive EPA information on radon)

EPA Radon Website

Kentucky Radon Program Website

Radon Mitigation System

NOTE:  I do not perform radon mitigation.  I don’t want the inherent conflict of interest in telling you that a problem exists and being the one to fix the problem.  However, a high radon level is really no problem at all once a mitigation (radon reduction) system is installed. High radon levels are easily mitigated with the installation of a Radon Mitigation System. Although the cost may vary depending on the size and design of the home, it seldom costs more than $1,200 – $2.000 unless it’s a large home or has multiple foundation types.

Radon mitigation systems not only work well in reducing radon concentrations by up to 99%, but also completely prevent damp soil air from entering the house which greatly improves indoor air quality as well. Very little maintenance is required. Operating costs are generally less than $10.00 a month for fan electricity and minor loss of conditioned air.

Properly designing and installing a radon mitigation system is a professional level activity. This will insure the final system is properly located and sized to achieve optimal radon reduction and not cause any other potential issues with the structure. Only radon professionals should be hired to do radon mitigation. Be certain the individual hired visits the jobsite prior to beginning any work to give you a solid proposal for mitigation. Bids should not be made over the phone or by email.

Be wary of inexpensive mitigation rates (less than $1,000). Price quotes promising really low installation rates are often too good to be true and leave the consumer with sub-standard workmanship and materials and a radon system that may not be working. Be sure to get a firm price and avoid hidden fees for future work when it may become necessary. Also, do not pay for the system in full before the work is complete. A valid radon test showing reduced levels should be obtained prior to full payment.

      Kentucky Radon Zone Map                                  RadaLink AirCat Radon Monitor
WKU Radon Zone Map